The EU implements a stricter regulation (GPD 2016/679) for the protection of the personal data of its citizens. The regulation is valid from 25-5-2018 and obliges all
companies to take measures to protect the privacy of individuals with whom they have transactions.
Our company Valtas H. Haralambos – Clothing Company (ΒΑΛΤΑΣ Χ. ΧΑΡΑΛΑΜΠΟΣ – ΕΜΠΟΡΙΑ ΕΝΔΥΜΑΤΩΝ) with the distinctive title Morning★Co stationed on 32
Karolou Ntil street, P.O.54623 Thessaloniki, Greece (Tax id: EL109781409), which from now on will be addressed as «Company» or «Morning★Co», Our company has complied with the regulation and below we describe how:

What information do we collect?
Our company collects by phone or through the eshop basic information about its natural customers in order to complete the orders it receives for clothing, footwear
and accessories. This information is the name, surname, address, City, Postal Code, Country, Region, phone and email

Personal data in the physical store
Our company does not maintain data of individuals in the physical store and does not maintain any file of them. The only personal data temporarily stored is that of
customer addresses when it comes to sales coming from the phone or online store. This data is destroyed as soon as the purpose of their preservation is completed,
which is the successful or unsuccessful receipt of the order by the customer. The postal service receipts are destroyed after the delivery of the order. Personal data in the Online Store

1. Cookies
All modern websites require the use of cookies to function and improve the user experience, so is ours. During your visit to our website, we inform you about the use of cookies by it and it is left to your choice to enter the website zgouris.gr The cookies used on zgouris.gr do not store any of your personal data except your username and password if you have a user account and Login for your purchases. The e-shop platform we use does not store your personal data in cookies except for the id of the shopping cart you create, the items and the session id of the connection for users who have logged in. No personal data is stored in any of the cookies.

On our website we use the Google analytics service to process traffic statistics, some of the cookies used are listed on the relevant Google website (https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/analyticsjs/cookie -usage). Your consent for the acceptance of cookies is given when you select
“Accept” in the information message about cookies when you visit our website. If you disagree you should leave our website.

2. Personal customer data
Personal information Security Morningco.gr is committed to protecting the security of your personal information. We do not transmit confidential information (such as your credit card number) via the internet, as the transaction takes place either on an external website (eg PayPal) of in the bank’s transaction system. In case we need to transmit such confidential information, we protect it by using encryption through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol.

Information Privacy

Privacy os a sensitive issue for us and we take it very seriously. For this reason out Privacy Policy is simple: we will not sell, exchange, give or lease your personal
information to third parties other than to use it for your service by our approved staff and only for them purposes of our company. Purchase as a registered customer
As we mentioned in a previous paragraph, we collect and maintain personal data of individuals after they choose to become our potential customers by voluntarily
registering in our online store. Our online store has HTTPS protocol for the secure transfer of customer data. The customer has direct access to the data we store about

Data from the contact forms of the website morning.gr
Our website has a contact form in which it is necessary to enter your name and e-mail. This data is not stored in a database and is deleted at the end of their use. The
e-mail is not used for any other purpose (eg marketing) unless we have your explicit consent.

Data from emails
If for any reason send us an e – mail at info@mymorningco.com we inform you that we do not store your data for a longer period until that to satisfy the content of the e-

Our company does not send any informative e-mail related to sales-marketing.

Individual rights
Under the new regulation, natural persons have the following rights:

1. If a natural person believes that the personal data concerning him / her is incorrectly incomplete or inaccurate, he / she may request that it be
corrected or supplemented immediately. Individuals who have an account in our online store can process the data at any time.
2. A natural person may also object at any time to the processing of personal data concerning him under certain conditions. In such a case you should
contact us at info@mymorningco.com to see if all the conditions are met.
3. A natural person has the right to be informed at any time about the personal data being processed.
4. A natural person has the right to request the deletion of his personal data (under certain conditions)

5. A natural person has the right to acquire his personal data and transfer it to another body.

For any of the above please contact us at info@mymorningco,com, in charge of personal data processing Maria Koutsiai.